How can you save me time?

We have many ways we can save you time. For example, maybe you spend the first two hours of your day answering emails of the same type of question. Or maybe, you spend more time than you would like scheduling appointments instead of actually working on the content. Those are just two examples of ways we can assist you.


First, we would like to schedule a Zoom meeting to learn more about you and/or your company and your needs. If you prefer, you can send us an email and ask your questions. Or you can always call.


We will write a proposal of how we can save your time and streamline your processes. 

Next, we will start performing the agreed upon duties.



There are a variety of ways for you to keep us updated on your daily needs:

  • You can dictate a message with your instructions on your phone and send. 

  • You can meet with us via Zoom for 10 minutes to convey instructions. 

  • You may call us with your instructions. 

  • You may email us (we suggest voice dictating this as well).

You will be asked to determine how we ask questions about your instructions or further clarifications.

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